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A Frugal Take on Business Event Branding

Whether you are attending or hosting a business event, it is imperative that you present your company in the best light possible, and also to make your company’s brand as visible as it is possible. However, branding events will be more difficult when you are not the host.

In either case the most important thing is not to spend too much money, no matter how good your company is doing, investing too much into something that might not give money back is never a good idea.

The host with the most

If your company is organizing a business event, first what you need to do is to decide on a budget, only after you have set the goals and how much you can spend can you think about what you will need.

To show all of your guests that you mean serious business and that what awaits them is not just an ordinary everyday event, you will have to come up with creative invitations. They can be professionally designed at fairly low prices and if they are done well, and branded with your brand, the invitations can even become a memorabilia that the guests will hold on to.

Social media advertisement

social media invites

If you are running on a tight budget, then perhaps skipping traditional means of advertising and replacing them with social media know-how is the best option for you. The biggest issue here probably is how to brand online presence? Even online, you have to set a tone for your company and you should stick to it all the time.

Using social media before, during and after the event is the best way to secure good branding and a high number of attendees. However, try to keep up with your branded image even during the event.

Where to go?

Consider open spaces, backyards or parks as the best location as you will not have to worry about whether it is too hot, or cold, or if there is enough air in the room. And if you think about the budget, renting open spaces is usually cheaper. Your only issue will be the weather, but you can always check the forecast.

Consider also setting up shade sails to prevent heat strokes and unpleasant sunburns for your guests. You can also utilize the sails and brand them as well, so that your company logo is visible to everyone.

Dinner is served


Consider serving food and drinks, which complement your brand’s image, try to pick out company colors, it will create a more memorable event and help with creating the perfect atmosphere for your guests to relax and enjoy themselves. It will not cost too much to make food brand-friendly, but it will make a big impression on the guests.

You can also customize cutlery and cups, printing out the company logo can go a long way when promoting your company. And on the plus side, customizing all the needed items for refreshments is not that costly. Ultimately even the simple notion of branding drinkware and tableware can leave a great impression on the guests.

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