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Cloud Computing in Digital Marketing: The Expansion

Benefits that cloud computing systems might be able to bring to different ventures have already been talked about extensively, but some industries will benefit more than others, and need to get in on the action as soon as possible. One of such industries is, without a doubt, digital marketing, so let’s take a look at the reasons for this.

Cloud-based business features

First of all, people in digital marketing will be able to make use of all the convenient cloud features that other businesses can use, scalability, adjustable costs of operation, lack of the necessity for highly developed infrastructure, and the like,  but this is not where the greatest change in their daily operations will be coming from. What is going to change for them is the way they gather info about the consumers and the way that they present their ads and pitches.

The virtualized environment of the cloud manages to bring people even closer than just the internet did, and if you are able to grasp just what kind of a change internet brought to marketing, you might get an idea of the type of change that might be in the air. Naturally, this new expansion cannot hope to mimic the scope of the previous one, but it will be similar in nature.
Cloud computing

Advertising and cloud-powered wearable tech

One of the ways that things are going to change can be seen it the development of wearable technologies. These devices may not have the capabilities to do much on their own, but combined with cloud technology, they may become as potent advertising means as PCs and smartphones are right now. Probing this market may be an obligatory step in every marketing campaign that will follow the further development of these devices.

However, wearable devices are just a means, what is really important is the ability to perform much broader and all-encompassing research on the consumers, their habits and desires. Different cloud systems, regardless of the type of services they are offering – Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (Paas) or Infrastructure as a Service, need to gather data on their customers, which often includes data on those customers’ customers. Consumer habits and demands are easier to track, mostly due to the fact that they will often volunteer such info for the sake of convenience.

However, getting better feedback is only one of the benefits of cloud systems for marketers. Another, perhaps as significant, is the ability to improve their outreach. Already mentioned wearable technologies are just one of the examples of how advertising companies can make use of the new technology. The enhanced level of synchronization between different user’s devices that comes with cloud systems, enable marketers not only to cover every possible means of advertising, but also to custom tailor their presentation for the used devices.

It won’t be long before we are seeing an increased reliance on cloud computing in digital marketing arena. While marketing companies are already moving their businesses in the cloud, they are also exploring other potential applications of these systems, and it won’t be long before there are people who can hardly remember what marketing looked like before the cloud.

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