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Green Office Means Green Gadgets – Revive Your Workspace

It is very commendable that companies are thinking more and more green. Nevertheless, why stop at developing green cars and recycled bags or using bamboo instead of wood, we can easily replace things that are used in offices everyday with redesigned objects that will last longer and will need to be changed less frequently.

On the other side, going green also means that you have more freedom on how to design and decorate your work area. Of course, you will not be able to change everything, but starting small and working your way up will let you appreciate green gadgets more.

No more paper cups

We all love to have coffee in the morning, and you usually get it served in paper cups. But, instead of using one-time only cups, you can now switch over to eco cups. A reusable porcelain cup with silicon lining and top for easier comfort. In addition, if you get a personally designed one, you can feel really important when waiting for that hot cup of coffee.

Coffee mug

Because it is reusable, you can carry it around wherever you need to go. Also, you can brew your own coffee and bring it to work. This way, you are helping in preserving Earth and you also have a cool looking gadget that will lift the mood of your office desk.

Go bamboo

A bamboo dry-erase board? Why not, it is a simple and effective way to bring some wooden elements as office furniture and it is also very practical. Instead of having to suffer with a crumbled paper ball, you can easily wipe off anything written on the board. It can also be a great addition for your office, for reminders especially; you can easily follow what your to-do list.

Stone paper

In every day office life, we use up a lot of paper, and most of it used for writing down quick idea. Unfortunately, a lot of the paper is later on thrown away, which means that a lot of waste is generated. But, instead of using paper made from wood, how about we turn back to the stone-age and use paper made from stone.

Stone paper, or repap as it is referred to, actually exists. These stone books are specially made from a byproduct from quarrying limestone. Unbelievable though, stone paper will be the smoothest paper you will ever come in contact with. And, if you are looking for a higher quality paper, look no further; these stone papers will leave your in awe.

Eco pen

When you are done with a pen, you do not really have a choice but to throw it away, unless it is possible to change the ink in it. But, with the new eco pens, it will not even be a problem to throw away your pen, as it is made from biodegradable materials.

Eco water bottles

Glass bottle

Instead of using disposable water bottles, try getting one of the new and modern looking eco bottles that are made from glass and silicone. They will be reusable, and the glass will not leave any weird aftertastes you might get from plastic. Because it is reusable you can get one in any design that would suit you and your office the most.

You will no longer need to use paper or plastic cups for the office coolers, which means less pollution. You will have a very snazzy looking bottle and you will be doing your share to lessen your carbon footprint.

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