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Recycling Old Electronics: Starting from Old Cell Phones

When it comes to gadgets, world’s opinion is prone to shifting – sometimes they bring us closer together, and sometimes they are the evil thingies tearing our real world apart and keeping us virtually enclosed.

Without discussing the psychological impact any further, let’s view electronics from our Planet’s point of view. Disregarding our personal feelings, if we throw away our old electronics and let them seep into earth, we are poisoning our environment and ourselves.

Ideally, the old “repair, reuse and repurpose” saying would be the first and only thing to do, but we would reach a point of technological oversaturation and be left with no other choice then responsible recycling. However, things just don’t work that way, unfortunately.
But what can we do as individuals?

Let’s try with repurposing.

Home security camera

To come to think of it, why not? No need for fancy and expensive surveillance equipment to use for security or as a baby monitor, when you can just download the right app (Android or OS) and keep an eye on things from elsewhere.  Just make sure to properly connect the device to the power source so you don’t miss out on anything due to the empty battery, and enjoy the viewing control you gain with so little investment.

Music player

Phone as a music player

Remember the old dark ages when we needed to carry the whole MP3 player along with huge CDs to listen some music on the go? Now you can just copy all of your favorites (and a lot of them if we might add) on your old phone and make a music station wherever you wish. Turn off every other option you don’t need now to save up on battery life and don’t worry about those annoying interrupting calls – there won’t be any.

Photo frame

Especially great when using a big screen phone or tablet. Two things are needed: photo displaying apps and power supply. Both Android and IOs offer a plethora of options and settings to completely fit all your wants.

Your kids will be delighted

Think about the joy your kid will be feeling when receiving that old phone of yours – talk about starting a journey to adulthood. On the plus side, there are many educational apps that can make your kid learn whilst having fun, and enjoy a game or two with your permission. Just make sure to transfer and backup all of your important data first.

Do good – Donate

donate and support

If there’s still life in your old phone/s you can help out and donate them to an important cause in your community, or world-wide.

  • Domestic violence charity

Many organizations like these accept electronics donations, and raise money through recycling and selling old phones only to donate the money to domestic violence shelters. Some shelters take donations directly, so give them a call.

  • Help for schools

There are programs that help schools to host an electronics recycling drive and get a 100% of the profits of recycling and selling old tablets and phones. This money can further be used for any needed resource. If you own a business and want to donate and help in recycling old electronics, you can choose a local school and donate directly.

  • Phones4Charity

Phones4Charity works with many organizations in order to raise funds through old phone recycling. As a donor, you can choose any of the large charities or you can support a local one – you just need to find the most convenient drop off spot.

Don’t be fooled by the shiny and new technology, prestige will not seem as noble if we are causing harm to our Planet. Use every resource (technological or other) until it has done its purpose, and when finally letting go – let it go in a more ecological manner.

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Leana Thorne finally found her voice – here on Green4True. Writing about everything tech, social and businessy was always her pleasure, but weaving a little green in this sometimes overly grayish modern world gives her words a true purpose. Walk the Eco path with her and learn about green technology.

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